Cost of Procedure: €395.
  • We offer a reduction if you have private insurance (VHI, Laya, Aviva, Irish Life, Garda Medical Aid) of €70. Thus, the 'out of pocket' cost with insurance is €325.

    • Please note that this 'out of pocket' cost will usually not be covered by your insurance policy.

  • Our charges can normally be claimed against your personal income taxes as a medical expense.

Consultation only: 60
  • We can see you for consultation only on any day of the week as suits you. However, we only operate on a tuesday afternoon, so if you wish to go ahead with a surgical treatment we will have to book you in for another appointment.
  • If you have previously attended for a consultation and decide to go ahead with the surgery on later date, we reduce the above prices by the 60Euro fee you have already paid.
  • A surgical appointment is 45minutes. This service is in high demand and no-shows are wasteful. With that in mind we charge a deposit of 60Euro. This fee is taken off your final charge. You must give 4 working days notice of cancellation, if this is not done the deposit is Non-Refundable. It is fully refundable up to that point. Thank you for your understanding.
(Prices as at September 2021.)